​If you are an avid golf fan, you understand that week after week the PGA professionals play on the tightest, most manicured surfaces every week. Now, having your own tournament-level green is available for everyone. GolfGreens™ by ForeverLawn® can improve your landscape and your short game at the same time.

​GolfGreens™ are versatile. Whether you're looking for a practice area to improve your game or a recreation spot for entertaining, this product is a great addition to any property. For practice greens at golf courses, hotels and resorts, or backyards, our realistic greens can enhance any environment.

EZ Putt

​EZ Putt offers a great entry-level green that requires little to no maintenance. This is a great choice for the hobbyist golfer who wants something the whole family can enjoy.

True Putt 10/11

True Putt 10/11 is designed for the most serious golfers who want the best surface to improve their putting skills. 10/11 refers to the rating of the grass, rated by a stimpmeter. The short nap creates the most realistic tournament-level experience of all our grasses.

ForeverLawn of Wichita, Playground, Wichita, KS

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Pro Putt & Chip

Pro Putt & Chip is a great putting green choice for an entertaining space or a serious golfer. It can catch chips from up to ten yards, and provides a consistent putting surface.